Business Continuity Planning Software

Business Continuity Planning Software

SunRise IT Solutions offers web based, Clearview Business Continuity Management Software.

The key benefits include:

Reassurance and Reliability

The ClearView Software meets the BS 25999 standard for Business Continuity Management and has been developed with input from business continuity planners and years of real life customer experiences. This means that Clearview users have the reassurance of a template to follow that is based on a combination of the highest standards, best practice and practical experience. Overall this means that when you need to use the plan, it stands a greater chance of delivering what the business needs when it needs it most.

Ease of Management

The software has been written with simplicity and usability in mind. The software enables you to devolve activities to distributed teams so that you benefit from the local knowledge of those involved, providing increased ownership, commitment and understanding. From a management point of view, you retain centralised view of plan development and progress, including the ongoing testing cycle. Ease of maintenance and management also improves cost effectiveness of the whole BCM process.

A Single Consistent Web Based Repository

All documentation can be stored and presented in a single consistent format if required. This reduces the dependence on separate spreadsheets, word and PDF files. The fact that it is web based means that it can be accessed anywhere, from your normal place of work, your standby site, a home office or mobile phone. So there is no need to rely on a printed document which may be in another location when you need it most.

Overall the ClearView software provides a cost effective way of developing a robust, compliant way of managing the Business Continuity Lifecycle from business impact analysis to testing and real life recovery.

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