Server Replication & Recovery

Server Replication & Recovery

SunRise can provide options for server replication and recovery within a cloud environment or as stand-alone dedicated service.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Real time replication of servers so that your data is protected virtually at the point it is written, maximising data preservation and Recovery Point Objective.
  • Recovery of servers within 15 minutes of a failure, enabling a very low Recovery Time Objective, maximising server availability and SLA's to users and customers.

  • 100% data consistency enabling servers to be synchronised to the point at which the failure occurred, reducing the amount of manual intervention required to re-input data and catch up.

  • Data snapshotting at agreed intervals, enabling faster recovery in the event of data corruption or viruses.

  • Disaster Recovery testing – Automated procedures for initiating and conducting disaster recovery testing, which can be managed from your usual office base or from your chosen standby site.

  • Fully managed service which deskills the whole issue of server replication and recovery, saving you time and money and leaving your staff to support your core business activities.