Data Vaulting

Data Vaulting

SunRise IT Solutions offers a range of data vaulting solutions which are highly configurable to suit your specific requirements. The service can be configured to manage your backups on your site, backups to alternative locations or both.

Applications supported include:

  • Specific applications supported include:
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Oracle
  • MySQL

Best Backup Server works with a broad range of computer platforms and operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Apple, Linux, UNIX and Solaris.

Key Benefits:

  • Reliable - Data is scheduled to back up at the required times - ensuring that they do take place without being missed - giving you peace of mind that they will be done.
  • Low Risk - Data is offsite as soon as the backup is taken and is not sitting around in the building (at risk) until someone removes them to an alternative location, providing reassurance that the data is safe.
  • Reduced Recovery Time - Restores are quicker as there is no waiting for tapes to be returned before backups can commence. Clients who opt for an onsite copy benefit from even quicker restores.
  • Managed Service - The service is fully managed, leaving your staff to do what they do best, supporting your customers and users, helping to maintain your SLA's.
  • Maximises Existing Resources - In most cases data transfers can take place over your existing internet connection which means that you effectively reduce the unit cost of your bandwidth.
  • Cost Effective - No need to keep up with the latest technology and the pressure to upgrade to the latest tape device or software effectively starting again every few years. No need for costly tapes/tape cycles, tape devices, offisite data collection services and software licences, improving reliability with known costs.
  • Auditability - Proper reporting and ediscovery capability, means that you can demonstrate due diligence to management, stakeholders and legislative bodies. For a free no obligation trial contact and see for yourself how good it feels to know that your data is being backed up reliably and securely every day.