Equipment Recycling & Data Destruction

Equipment Recycling & Data Destruction

As IT managers it is important that we dispose of our unwanted equipment and data in an ethical and environmentally friendly way.

Obviously the proper disposal of IT equipment is an issue for many organisations, where sensitive data is held on disc or memory. This is especially true for Government departments and there have been a few high profile cases where confidential information has turned up where it shouldn't!

So, if you could recycle your equipment, dispose of your data properly and make money, would you be interested?

Here's how it works...

The customer pays for collection and transportation of used IT equipment. We also make a small charge for processing/ green recycling which includes:

  • data erasure/destruction
  • equipment refurbishment
  • equipment resale
  • You get:

  • Comprehensive data erasure and or destruction certificates showing that the data for that device/serial number has been disposed of in a Government approved way (CESG, CCT Mark etc.).
  • A percentage of the resale value of the equipment.
  • So, although there are some small upfront charges to cover our costs, overall you should make a financial gain and provide a benefit to the environment.